About Us

Yushan Ventures was founded in Taipei in 2011 by a German-born Silicon Valley executive, an Austrian entrepreneur and investor, and an international Swiss lawyer to participate in the upcoming ascent of the Asia innovation market.

Yushan Ventures’ first investment thesis was to invest in disruptive mobile technologies in Asia that target “the next billion” netizens. However, we realized that the startup ecosystem in Asia was not developed enough in 2011 to make sustainable investments. While we were investing in eCommerce and mobile consumer internet startups, we also stepped up our efforts to help build the startup eco-system in Taiwan, and along the way we forged strong relationships with governments in APEC economies and corporates, such as Intel, Siemens, and Coca-Cola.

We gained unique experience from investing in startups and building up the startup eco-system. That experience – combined with our founders’ extensive corporate background – enables us to effectively address the “Innovators Dilemma” within multi-national corporations. With the latest innovation tools, corporates can create an organization that innovates successfully, predictably, and repeatedly – not by chance, but by design.

Our mission was clear that we were in the perfect position to foster joint value creation – not only help our portfolio companies find the right corporate clients, but also to enable corporations to innovate like startups.


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